Message From Our Chair


Lee A. Learman, M.D., Ph.D. 

The Clarence E. Ehrlich
Professor and Chair 

I am delighted that you are considering our residency program in obstetrics and gynecology at Indiana University!  We are dedicated to creating an optimal residency experience in both learning content and climate.

The ideal residency program will immerse you in high value learning experiences and carefully monitor the development of your clinical competencies, but it will also equip you to access and interpret evidence so that it can inform your clinical decisions on a daily basis.  It will equip you with technical skills so you can expertly apply both traditional and minimally invasive surgical options. It will prepare you to use advanced communication skills to handle the most challenging clinical situations we and our patients face together.  It will help you understand women's health from a broad perspective so you can stay involved as part of their health care team across the lifespan.  And by providing care to diverse patients and health care delivery systems it will help you understand where there are important gaps and disparities that your advocacy could help improve.

Creating the best possible learning experience requires a climate of collegiality, respect, and professionalism.  When the number one priority is providing excellent care to our patients, every member of the team is important and must be heard and respected.  Old hierarchies give way to a collective search for best evidence and an understanding of the patient's priorities, while relying on the collective clinical wisdom of the team.

The ideal physician and surgeon is able to integrate 3 pillars of decision-making in their practice:  a wealth of clinical experience, knowledge of the evidence, and the ability to empower patients as active participants in decision-making.  We are committed to helping our residents achieve this goal and we welcome your interest in our program!


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