Community Outreach

To reach our goal in improving the health of Indiana women and their families, we partner with key stakeholders statewide to assist us with educating, empowering and connecting  women and their families to resources within their communities. 

We provide services to the community through our Making Healthy Choices outreach screening and education programs.  Our outreach programs are statewide, using a 40-foot Wellness on Wheels (WOW) mobile health unit, in which we provide basic biometric health screens, nutrition and healthy lifestyle education with the goal of connecting women with providers and resources within their own communities. Participants receive follow-up from COE health coaches to encourage them to take the recommended steps to improve their personal health. 

Additional screening and education community programs include:Wellness Thursdays on college campuses; and our empowerment ( R.E.E.P) Success program for businesses and community organizations.  

We convene, educate and empower women statewide through our Women of INfluence Initiative (WOI), to influence and provide outreach services within their own counties and communities. We currently have 3 active Women of INfluence Coalitions in Marion, Delaware, and Allen counties.

In addition, through collaboration with our partners,we reccomend and encourage work that is beneficial to women's health, and facilitating women's health research.

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