Gynecologic Oncology

Residents spend rotations on the Gynecologic Oncology services at Indiana University and Methodist Hospital. Over 1000 new patient consultations and 400 major operations are performed annually. Residents participate in all phases of patient care including inpatient and outpatient surgery, and radiotherapy. Although cancer epidemiology, diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning are emphasized, the educational program includes nutritional evaluation and support, enterostomal therapy, critical care medicine, and supportive care. Indiana University is a leading participant in the Gynecologic Oncology Group, a collaborative study group of the National Cancer Institute. Residents are encouraged to understand the background and rationale of clinical trials design.

Gynecologic Oncology Faculty and residents attend several weekly teaching conferences such as Radiation Therapy, Pathology, Radiology, New Patient and Book Club.
Three board-certified faculty, two Ph.D.s, three oncology nurses, one nurse clinician and a data manager comprise the full-time Gynecologic Oncology staff. 

Patient care takes place in the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center. This Center is a patient care, research, and educational organization with the Indiana University School of Medicine. Established in 1992 as the IU Cancer Center, it has been a NCI-designated Cancer Center since 1999  and is the only center with such distinction in Indiana that provides patient care.


Emma C. Rossi, MD


Jeanne M. Schilder, MD



Frederick B. Stehman, MD


Yan Xu, PhD

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